Vehicle Valuations

Customs OfficerDepreciation allowance only applies to originating country purchase Price valuation method and if a vehicle was purchased before 2nd March 1998.

The maximum allowance of 76% is for cars owned over 6 years.

Alternative Method of Valuation

(called ‘Alternative’ but is more normally used by Australian Customs)

Where the normal method of valuation is not used, then the Customs Value will generally be assessed using the Fall Back Deductive method.

This involves obtaining an ‘Australian Landed Valuation’, as imported, and as valued by an independent Australian Motor Specialist less the cost of shipment and the figure remaining is deemed to be the ‘Customs Value’ upon which Duty and GST is levied.

The Importer is responsible for obtaining, as well as the cost of, the ‘ landed’ valuation.

We will appoint an experienced and approved valuer at destination that will be able to give best ‘As Landed Value’ .

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