Vehicle Registration and Safety Compliance For Imported Cars

Consult the State or Territory Registering Authority of where you intend to register your vehicle for their requirements.

General modifications that are sometimes required (differs from state to state) are:

  • Seat belts – to be fitted to all seat positions
  • Child safety restraints – anchorage points to be fitted to each rear seating position
  • Windscreens – heavily tinted windscreens and windows are not allowed
  • Head restraints – the front seats must have built-in standard fitment head restraints (if built after 1970)
  • Alarm immobiliser – approved system to be fitted
  • Rear vision (wing) mirrors – normal flat non-tinted mirrored glass only is acceptable, (i.e. not convex) and cost in Australia normally less than A$50
  • Speedometers – must normally be in kilometres per hour only and cost in Australia about A$200.

Personal Import Plate and Stamp Duty

A personal Import Plate is required and will be issued by Niddrie Name Plates in Victoria. For Niddrie Name Plates to issue the Personal Import Plate, the vehicle needs to be inspected by compliance engineer first.

In some States there is a Stamp Duty of between 2% and 5% of the vehicles value payable upon Registration.

Number plates are supplied by the Registration Authority for a fee.




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